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Choose a Lender

Here are my suggestions on how to choose a lender.

1. Talk to at least 3 lenders before choosing one. Each lender has different financial programs. Some programs offer down payment assistance while others don't. So ask your lender what they can offer you. 

2. Understand the programs being offered to you by each lender. Some down payment assistance programs are grants, which means you do not need to pay them back, while other programs are combined into your loan or paid back when you sell your house. Each program is different, so be sure to ask your lender and understand what is and is not possible. 

3. Things to keep in mind while choosing a lender. 

1.  Are they available and responsive?

2. Do they offer programs you like?

3. Can you ask questions and get answers?

Here are some lenders you can reach out to:


Aaron Staufer 

Mortgage Loan Officer Elevations Credit Union


Deric Palmer


Cell: 303-598-4039

Lender for homes as well as manufactured homes 

Jeremy Daniels

Bank of America


Ask about down payment assistance grant

Jimmy Everetts

Fairway Mortgage


Ask about down payment assistance grant

Naiely Miranda


CHFA (Colorado Housing and Finance Authority) lender

Can help with down payment assistance

Nicole Sears


Academy Mortgage 

Lender for homes as well as manufactured homes  

Nathan Lyon



Lender for homes as well as manufactured homes